Our History

Between Autumn 2015 and Spring 2017, West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing was selected by NHS England as a New Models of Care vanguard site.

Along with 49 other sites, West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing took a lead on the development of new care models to act as blueprints for the NHS moving forward and inspiration to the rest of the health and care system. Our new care model was to develop a blueprint for becoming a Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP).

You can read more about NHS England's New Care Models programme here.

A new model of care: Multispecialty Community Provider

The MCP new care model focuses on moving care out of hospitals and into the community. You can read more about other areas of the country that have been piloting this here.

Involving a wider range of specialties such as nurses, therapists and other community-based professionals is a key feature for many CCG areas looking to tackle growing demand and deliver the Five Year Forward View.

Giving people the right tools, more control over their own health and wellbeing and improving access through digital technologies was also an important aspect of our vanguard work.

Thanks to the dedication and involvement of our GP partners, we believe we developed models of care that could help thousands more people to live healthier, happier lives independently, in their homes and communities rather than in hospitals and with the confidence and tools to be in control of their own health and wellbeing.

Future ambition

In December 2016, the model was selected once more by NHS England to receive funding to test and trial it at scale, across the entire Wakefield District. From April 2017, NHS Wakefield CCG took lead on this exciting next step of transformation and you can follow their progress here.

The ambition and innovation created through West Wakefield’s vanguard journey quickly placed us as one of the country’s leading pioneers in the new emerging primary care landscape. In 2017, it led to the birth of a new direction locally through a Wakefield-wide GP confederation; Conexus Healthcare Ltd who we proudly continue our work through today.