The purpose of the GP Federation is to share responsibility for delivering high quality, patient-focused services for the community.  The core aims of the federation are to sustain general practice through the following priorities:


Business development

Revenue growth to underpin the sustainability of the member practices; this will include bidding for services, working in partnership with stakeholders, developing new services.


Service Transformation

Increasing profitability through reducing costs by working collaboratively and benefiting from economies of scale.  Adopting innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes, reduce demand and maximise resources e.g. group consultations for long term conditions, workflow solutions, hub working, IT solutions facilitating efficient processes.


Employee development

Confident and competent employees produce better results. Employee development is seen as a benefit, we will work with our colleagues to build a development program that will keep employees engaged at work and provide opportunities for growth and development.


Quality and Customer Service

Evidence-based quality service combined with innovative solutions will underpin everything we do.  We recognise the importance of working with our residents to understand their needs and ensure our services are fit for purpose.  We will focus on providing high quality customer service.