Changing the face of primary care in Wakefield

Primary Care - Wakefield

A healthcare revolution is happening in Wakefield.

Since at least 2014, the district has been working tirelessly, despite cash-strapped budgets and shrinking public resources, to support its citizens. And in some areas, the success is already shining through.

Wakefield’s health, care and voluntary sectors have been working closer than ever before to support more local people to stay well.

To enable more local families to care for loved ones at home and in the community rather than in hospitals.

And to give all its youngsters the best start in life when it comes to their health and wellbeing to support a healthier future.

The health of Wakefield people is generally worse than the national average for England. Like many other areas of the country, we struggle with a GP shortage and fewer healthcare professionals throughout the system as a whole. With over 40,000 of our citizens living in neighbourhoods that are in the top 10% most deprived areas in England, you could be forgiven for thinking transformation sounds more like wishful thinking.

But it isn’t. 

Transforming primary care - The West Wakefield Way

Over the last three years, we’re immensely proud that our very own GP federation of West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing, has spearheaded a great deal of this transformation especially within primary care. 

Thanks to national funding initiatives, granted initially on the basis of our district’s past track record, we’ve started a movement that is now gaining pace, scale and replicability not just across the rest of Wakefield but across the country.

Together with our two neighbouring GP networks, our partnership was one of the very first collaborations in the country to develop a new model of care known as a Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP). The aim; to develop new ways of caring and supporting people in their homes and in the community rather than in hospitals; starting in primary care where the majority of people access their healthcare.

Developing this new model to initially care for our combined 152,000+ patient population wasn’t easy.

We didn’t achieve absolutely everything we set out to do and our disruptive transformation style meant we didn’t always see eye to eye with each other. But the essential point that we all agreed on and worked diligently towards was the needs of our citizens; our children, our families, and our older people. That’s what the funding was for and that’s what we used to pilot these new approaches effectively.

West Wakefield MCP New Models of Care: The Results

Want to hear how our Multispecialty Community Provider new care model performed? Watch our short video below which captures some of the key highlights:

The next stage of the Wakefield MCP vanguard starts in April 2017. NHS Wakefield CCG shall host the next exciting chapter and you can find out more about their plans here.

Want to know more about West Wakefield's MCP work?

NHS Wakefield CCG now hosts the MCP vanguard in Wakefield but you can still find out about West Wakefield's early development work.

If you are a vanguard site, or other NHS organisation, looking to replicate or find out more about our models of care, you can request a copy of our final report to NHS England by sending us an email.  This presentation highlights our key achievements and results of our MCP pilot.

For those looking for more in-depth insight and clarity, we have also produced a range of operating manuals,  project development plans, evaluations and commissioning specifications for each of the projects involved in the new care model that we developed. These documents evidence our journey throughout and can provide you  with a ‘roadmap’ to steer your local health system towards a more joined-up, collaborative primary care service.

To request access to these, you will need to contact: