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West Wakefield is now part of Conexus Healthcare; Wakefield's GP Confederation.

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Discover our multi award-winning accredited care navigation training programme.

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West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing is now part of Conexus Healthcare

Everyone deserves high quality healthcare wherever they live. We want to keep it that way which is why we've become part of Conexus Healthcare; Wakefield's new GP confederation.

We have finalised a partnership with Conexus Healthcare Ltd to continue the multi-award winning care navigation consultancy and training that West Wakefield has become so well known for. We are so proud to be able to continue this work at scale so it benefits millions more patients across the country.

You can still access the Learning Centre via this website (link above) and over the next couple of months, this shall transfer across to the Conexus website. Don't worry if you're a customer, we'll be in touch if there's new login details or things to change.

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